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Franchising Info

Exploring the Opportunity to Own a Dazbog Coffee Franchise Store

Franchise Application

We appreciate your interest in Dazbog Coffee Company and are excited about the opportunity to share our unique organization and franchise opportunity with you. We at Dazbog Coffee understand that finding the right franchise opportunity can be difficult, so we’ve developed a simple process to help make your exploration a little easier.

We will outline the franchisee selection process and give you information about our company and the unique franchise opportunity we can offer you. This process allows both you and Dazbog Coffee company to explore our potential relationship and determine if there is a good fit. We are sure, as you learn more about the Dazbog Coffee Company culture and licensing concept, you will become more and more excited.

We require five important qualifications from potential Dazbog Coffee Store owners.

  • Financial Qualifications. All applicants must meet Dazbog Coffee Company’s minimum financial qualifications and be in a position to properly capitalize the franchise investment including working capital and personal living expenses during the start-up period.
  • Team Player. As an extremely inclusive organization, we look for people who work well with others, openly share and participate and who will make a contribution to Dazbog Coffee Company’s overall success. Methods of participation include local and regional functions, online communication and forums, and Dazbog Coffee Company’s sponsored meetings.
  • People Person. To truly embrace Dazbog Coffee Company’s products and culture, you must enjoy working with the public, possess strong problem solving skills and truly understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service.
  • Attention to Detail. Dazbog Coffee Company’s products have evolved through the years based on industry experience, consumer needs, technology, feedback and competition. In order to take full advantage of Dazbog Coffee Company products, you must be prepared to embrace the products of Dazbog Coffee Company.
  • Level of Enthusiasm. At Dazbog Coffee Company, we believe that next to personal and financial qualifications, enthusiasm is a key success factor. For that reason, we look for people who exhibit a high level of enthusiasm and are motivated to succeed. Building a successful business takes dedication and hard work, which is driven and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of its leadership.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a successful Dazbog Coffee Store franchisee, please fill out this Authorized Dazbog Coffee Franchise Application and it will be forwarded to Dazbog Coffee Company headquarters.

What are the pros of owning a DAZBOG® Coffee store?

To become part of the explosive coffee industry.
To work for yourself, be your own boss.
Be part of a passionate product that people consume more and more daily.
Fantastic selection of coffees, from single origins, complex blends, organics, and decaf coffees.

What about the financial aspects of franchising with DAZBOG® Coffee?

Total estimated initial investment:
$187,300 Coffee Store, Low
$269,300 Coffee Store, Middle
$376,800 Coffee Store, High
DAZBOG® requires you have a net worth of $400,000 and liquid cash of $100,000
Continuing Royalty Fee 6%
Franchise Fee $35,000 (included in initial investment calculations)
Term of Franchise is 10 years (Renewable)

Does DAZBOG® help with site selection?

Yes, we help identify locations and with lease terms negotiation
What is the average size of a DAZBOG® store?

1000 – 1300 square feet
How do I find a location?

Working with our real estate brokers and the DAZBOG® real estate team
How do I start the application process?

Take a look at our site and check out our company info on Submit an application and one of our franchising specialists will call you
How do I learn how to run my store?

Franchise owner and store manager will attend a two-week training program at DAZBOG® headquarters in Denver, CO. Through extensive training both classroom, book, training facility, and training at a live store. We will also assist on location at your new DAZBOG® store with initial store opening.
What happens once my store opens?

The DAZBOG® team provides ongoing support and assistance in the operation of your store intended to increase gross revenues and profits.

Area Developer is an independent contractor who has an agreement to develop and support a specified number of DAZBOG Coffee Stores within a specified geographic territory. The Area Developer’s responsibilities include:

The selection of new DAZBOG Franchise Owners
Assistance to DAZBOG Franchise Owners in the area of site selection
Assistance to DAZBOG Franchise Owners with lease negotiation, construction, and support in opening DAZBOG Coffee Store
Providing DAZBOG Franchise Owners with ongoing support
As compensation, the Area Developer will receive 50% of all franchise fees and 40% of royalties collected from the DAZBOG Coffee Stores in his/her territory.

Areas shaded in red are currently under development, franchise opportunities are available.


The Franchise Review and Approval Process for Dazbog Coffee Store Ownership

Once the application has received preliminary approval from Dazbog Coffee Company headquarters, critical information needed to conduct your “due diligence” is provided. This information includes a copy of Dazbog Coffee Company’s Franchise Agreement, a sample of Dazbog Coffee Company’s Training agenda and additional supplemental information.

During this step, our representative will work closely with you to review the Franchise Agreement and answer any additional questions you may have. This is your opportunity to contact current Dazbog Coffee Store franchisees, review our Franchise Agreement and related information, and address any outstanding issues prior to moving forward to the next step. At the same time, Dazbog Coffee Company will be evaluating your application, considering your qualifications and level of enthusiasm and contacting you to advise you as to whether or not your application has been approved.

If you’d like to fill out the Authorized Dazbog Coffee Franchise Application, see our “Franchise Application” link. If you’d like to learn more about the franchise process and our product training, click the Franchise Training and Education tab.

Once the application has been accepted, a date is set and plans are made for an action-packed day and a half meeting at Dazbog Coffee Company Headquarters! Your visit to Denver, Colorado, includes meeting with Dazbog Coffee Company’s key managers and team members to walk through all of the details associated with the development of your Dazbog Coffee store.

During your visit, the following areas are covered:

  • Company History, Culture and Vision
  • Dazbog Product Orientation
  • In-depth Coffee Class
  • In-depth Teas, Specialty Drinks, and Smoothies Class
  • Franchisee Training and Education
  • Dazbog Coffee Company’s Ongoing Support
  • Local Store Visit

The exchange of information is very important to gain mutual confidence, but it’s only part of the purpose of the visit. Another important aspect of Dazbog Coffee Company’s Product Training is to ensure that we have an opportunity to get to know each other, set reasonable expectations and develop a foundation for our relationship moving forward. Upon the successful conclusion of this meeting, you will begin a new journey that culminates with the opening of your Dazbog Coffee Store!